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Meet Roxy


Hi, I am Roxan 

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and experienced in Rehabilitation as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I am a wife, mother of 3 and business owner. I am honored to share and spread the wealth of health & fitness for your mind, body and soul.


I am powered mainly by water and plants. My diet is mostly plant-based. Eating this way has helped me to tackle my weight-loss journey before I became a certified personal trainer.


I have lost 60 lbs. naturally, just by changing the way I eat, the way I see food, exercising frequently, staying consistent, being patient and realistic with the process and having the right mindset. With that I’ve been able to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. 

My purpose is to bring newness into fitness and health by breaking not just physical but mental barriers. My passion is to help women and moms like myself change the way they think about training, fitness, eating, and the way they see themselves, become strong, powerful and confident.

I want to help women, especially moms gain strength, confidence, to feel sexy and comfortable again. My fitness journey started out during the pregnancy of my last child.


Determined not to gain as much weight, and be that self conscious woman anymore. I decided to exercise my entire pregnancy working out all the up until 2 weeks before my delivery, Doing Zumba, walking, running and light strength training.


I felt great and I realized that by remaining healthy and fit during my pregnancy it allowed my recovery to be much smoother, especially given it was my third cesarean. As soon as clearance was given by my doctor I was back at it. 

Not wanting to go to the gym with a newborn I decided to workout at home, but I was limited due to lack of equipment, so what I did was strap my daughter onto my back in her harness and started to incorporate her into my workouts. It created a bonding experience and I was able to add more resistance to my training.


The heavier she got the more challenging it got and I had to start getting creative. The art of becoming creative while working out with a toddler led me to fall in love with my passion as a Personal Trainer. 


My training style is fun, energetic, creative, functional, effective and efficient. The goal is to not just focus on weight loss but overall physical and mental strength.   


Your Success is My Goal

I know you are dedicated, confident, and completely unstoppable.

My commitment is to help you get better every single day


With a great new mindset, we can conquer your goals.

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