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Holiday Hacks to Help You Stay Motivated to Work Out

Holidays are filled with food and family and friends, which makes it difficult to make time to work out. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to skip your regular exercise routine!

These holiday hacks will help you stay motivated to work out during the holiday season so that you can still enjoy all of the food without feeling bad about your body, and stay healthy at the same time!

Change your environment

If you're feeling especially unmotivated during the holiday season, change your environment. Head outdoors for a brisk walk or jog. The natural light can help you feel energized while getting some fresh air will boost your mood and make you feel good about yourself.

Rock it out.

Music has the power to move us and distract us from fatigue, improve mood, even encourage participation. Recent Frontiers in Psychology research found that music - especially high tempo music - can increase performance and positive effort in your workout. In comparison to those who did not listen to music, those who were exposed to high-tempo music experienced higher heart rates and perceptions of effort. Try adding a music streaming service to your smartphone (i.e. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora) and make sure you've got a high-quality set of earbuds.

Train with a friend or a personal trainer

Find a friend who has similar goals and workout schedules as you. When you have a plan and accountability, it's easier to stay on track. You can do this by scheduling time for your workouts together or meeting up after workouts.

Join an online community: There are so many amazing fitness communities that can help keep you motivated. Not only do they offer a supportive environment, but they also offer advice for eating well and staying on track with your fitness goals all year round! Get creative with your workouts: Think outside the box when it comes to your workouts! There are plenty of free exercises on YouTube or other websites that don't require any equipment at all.

Start exercising earlier in the day

Waking up earlier can be difficult, but it is worth the struggle. Not only will you have a better chance of getting your workout in first thing, but you'll also feel more energized throughout the day. Simply set your alarm 30 minutes earlier, and get dressed and ready before your alarm goes off so that there are no distractions later on.

Prepare food beforehand

Preparing food beforehand is a great way to stay on track with your healthy eating goals during the holidays. The time you spend preparing the food ahead of time can be used for exercise instead. This means less temptation and more time for you to focus on your health!

If you or someone you know is looking for a healthier lifestyle please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a free consultation to get started.

Take care, be well, and stay fit!


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